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"CELES" company was founded in 1968 as a family business for the processing of metal. Since then till today the company business has been growing and developing constantly, and since 2000 we have started to work with ISO 9001:2000 Certificate, which represents the crown of our long history of business and tradition.

We specialize in the production of steel clamps, cable installation tracks in the shipbuilding and electric industry, ventilation channels and many other secondary applications produced by the sheet steel treatment.

We are oriented mostly toward the shipbuilding and electrical-fitting industry and utility service companies, where our products are applied.

Braga T product application

Shipbuilding Industry

Braga clamps can be applied in a wide variety of applications on the ships.

Traffic signaling

The possibility of producing the clamp of indefinite length and secure strength it is also used in assembling a variety of applications in a traffic signaling.

Electrical Power Implants and Telecommunications

Braga clamps are often used in electrical power implants, especially in electro fitting works on electric-distribution concrete poles.

Distribution of fluids

Braga clamps are often used for tightening the pipe for the distribution of various fluids.

We offer our clients solutions for many different purposes and all of them are characterized by durability and quality

Metal processing and production services

As part of our activities, we can offer you heat and machine treatment of metals, expert consulting and tool designing.

In addition, we are able to perform the most demanding welding (TIG, MIG, MAG and TIG processes), plasma cutting, stamping and sheet metal processing deformation. Contact us for more info!

Production line

Here are some of the specialized products in our production line that we could offer you

BRAGA T systems
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Electro-fitting equipment
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Machine metal processing

Ventilation channels

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Our clients

Within the rich referential list of successfully finished projects and works there are many successful companies and entrepreneurs

We can offer you high quality products and professional services that can satisfy even the most demanding projects

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